Sunday, January 8, 2012

a few more from M Modern show: Swimming with the Fishes

Fish III
28"x 96"
Barracuda II
20"x 96"
Barracuda 1
9"x 20"
Oil Spill
24"x 96"

NEW POSTS- paintings from my last art show at M Modern Gallery this past summer

Big Fish
mixed media
3'x 16'
in 2 sections

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

fish eye

more views of the fish painting

interesting view

some unique shots of the art from the show.

more paintings from show "Wild Kingdom"

Fish II
mixed media on wood panel
20"x 96"

Twin Taurus
mixed media on masonite
11"x 24"

one-eyed wonder worm (collaboration w/Paul Rudish)
acrylic on masonite
12"x 24"

a few more paintings from the show.

Monday, May 3, 2010

old blog, new art, new posts.

mixed media on board
19"x 32"

Hindsight, Insight, and Foresight
mixed media on board
18"x 24"

mixed media on board
19"x 22"

Butterfly II
mixed media on board
11"x 14"

Butterfly III
mixed media on board

New art from solo show "Wild Kingdom" showing at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, April 24th- May 29th 2010

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"King Pest"

48" x 48"
acrylic, colored pencil on wood panel

Then I got to this one- aptly titled "King Pest" because it was a glorious pain in my ass. It's a great example of pain and pleasure coming together. But just so you know- this painting ruled me from conception to completion, it dictated how it was going to look every step of the way- but I had a big smile when I was finished.
"Cockfight II"

36" x 38"
acrylic & colored pencil on wood panel

I did a new painting of a cropped section of the previous. It brings your eye right up to the tension and reaction. It made the scenario more immediate, and it was cool to add more 
shine to the neck of the darker rooster.
"Cockfight I"

24" x 45"
acrylic & colored pencil on wood panel

The cockfight series came about with the frustration of myself- my two sides fighting for dominance of my actions. It goes deeper than that but let's just say that's where it started.
I love these pieces, they were fun to paint. As I progressed, I learned more with each piece, adding little touches to each one.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Ramming Zebras"

24" x 60"
acrylic on wood panel

"Zebra Heads" ( triptych)

Each piece stands alone but I stacked them together in the studio while starting another painting and one day decided to leave them together as a triptych. I think the union is much more striking and makes you read the images as a whole much differently than as separate entities.
"Zebra Head 3"

30" x 36"
acrylic on wood panel
"Zebra Head 2"

30" x 36"
acrylic on wood panel
"Zebra Head 1 (albino)"

30" x 36"
acrylic on wood panel

Zebra head series arose from indecision. I did little studies of each, progressing each time and adding elements or just trying new tonal colors. After I finished the color sketches, I couldn't decide which one I liked best- so I painted them all. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


22" x 27"
acrylic & colored pencil on board
"Le Petit Mort"

25" x 29"
acrylic & colored pencil on board
"Crown O' Thorns"

25" x 26"
acrylic & colored pencil on board

some organic abstraction for your viewing pleasure...
(I had a request to show dimensions and media info-
I will get to it soon.)

Monday, February 11, 2008

blackbird study

18" x 48"
acrylic & colored pencil on wood panel

"Gold Birds" (diptych)

56" x 96"
acrylic, oil stick, & colored pencil on wood panel

I continue to play with this element- it's becoming somewhat iconic for me now.

24" x 72"
acrylic, oil stick, & colored pencil on wood panel

After not seeing the original painting for years, I pick it up and saw something different and I reworked a section and went to the heart of the piece. It brought new life to the old work.

"L.A. Riots"

original painting (partial 1 & 2)

20" x 24"
acrylic & collage on  illustration board

After the L.A. riots, I painted a piece that epitomized the scene: the sheer anger and violence unleashed upon the local neighborhoods of South Central L.A. 
I was angry about the cause of it all, but I was more appalled by the results.
My one lasting impression was seeing the sky on fire with so much smoke.


58" x 58"
acrylic on paper
"Free at last"
54" x 74"
acrylic & oil stick on canvas


61" x 84"
acrylic & oil stick on canvas


49" x 152"
acrylic & oil stick on canvas

"African Textile"

60" x 69"
acrylic & oil stick on canvas


76" x 118"
acrylic & oil stick on canvas

For the next few days, I am posting paintings that were shown in the "Art Mitzvah show" in December 2007.
The first series is the giant abstract textiles. Very African in nature and very freeing for me.
I wanted to break from the structure I normally work with and let the emotions, mind, and hands just flow... basically giant doodles.